Pioneer Program

Developing new technology is difficult; driving adoption even more so. That's why we're recruiting clinical leaders in each specialty that can utilize Point of Care Thermography.

Our Pioneer Program is designed to give clinicians an active voice in shaping the future of diagnostic medicine. Pioneers may receive ThermPix™ technology, utilize it in their practice, and share their ideas, successes, and challenges with us - and with other Pioneers - to help us expand the reach and impact of this breakthrough technology.

Not every leader is a pioneer. But every Pioneer is a leader. 

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Pioneers Do

Participation in our Pioneer Program is reserved for clinical or scientific leaders who share one common trait - they do.  And in exchange for their bias for action, we provide them with a battery of benefits, which may include:


  • Hands-on evaluation of prototype devices​

  • Participation in Artificial Intelligence research​

  • Quarterly newsletter on clinical thermography​

  • Breaking news updates on clinical thermography​

  • Ability to share insights with network of Pioneer Program peers​

  • Prioritization for first commercial product release​

  • Stake holder investment opportunity.

  • If you are a practitioner who has an interest in being on the frontline of innovation, we look forward to talking to you about the possibility of becoming a trail blazer as one of our Pioneers.

Our Pioneers share their experiences with us and with each other. This inner circle of clinicians and scientists will be on the vanguard of establishing a new way forward to treat venous disease. In a word, they are pioneers.

We are actively recruiting a select group of leaders to pioneer clinical thermography. Are you interested? Fill out the form and we'll be in contact to start the process.

Here are just a few of our current Pioneers:

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